All New Marvel

It’s all change in the Marvel multiverse. Secret Wars has been and gone, and a new universe has emerged, with some things the same, and some things different. I’ve now got six comics from across four of the new series, so in this post I’ll have a look at what’s new, what’s going on, and what’s working.

The New Avengers

Before I get into this one, I have to say that, for some bizarre reason, I only have issue 2, and not issue 1. Not sure why, but there you go. So who are the new Avengers? They’re the team led by Roberto da Costa, billionaire and new owner of A.I.M. – Avengers Idea Mechanics. The team is made up of…

  • Roberto, aka Sunspot, a mutant.
  • Songbird, weird voice powers.
  • Wiccan, ‘god in training’, formerly of the Young Avengers.
  • Squirrel girl…a girl with squirrel powers. Why.
  • White Tiger, kind of like a younger, female Black Panther, formerly of the Mighty Avengers.
  • Power Man, chi-powered, almost-Luke Cage, formerly of the Mighty Avengers.
  • Hulkling, half-Skrull mini-Hulk, formerly of the Mighty Avengers.
  • POD, robotic AI weapon thing.
  • Hawkeye, possibly the only one you’ve heard of.

If you haven’t heard of half that team, I don’t blame you. It’s not a team of big names, and unfortunately this issue doesn’t make you care about them. They’re locked in combat against the Maker, aka Reed Richards if he was evil. It’s all a bit weird, but there you go. I probably won’t be getting the next issue, but I’ll be checking out All New, All Different Avengers, that’s being released later this month.

The Uncanny Avengers

Staying with the Avengers theme, but this time it’s a more positive outlook. Meet the Uncanny Avengers, half Avengers, half X-Men…

  • Steve Rogers, not as young as he used to be, but still awesome.
  • Rogue, X-Man with all sorts of powers.
  • Deadpool, enough said.
  • Spider-Man, you know who he is.
  • Quicksilver, mutant with super speed.
  • Dr Voodoo, wizardy man who does Dr Strange kind of stuff.
  • Human Torch, formerly of the Fantastic Four.
  • Synapse, not really sure who she is, but she has mind powers.

I was looking forward to this series, because the short run that the Uncanny Avengers had pre-Secret Wars was one of my favourites of recent years. Issue 1 did not disappoint. Deadpool’s inclusion in the team is always a bonus, and the tension between the mutant and non-mutant members of the team remained to add an element that other Avengers teams don’t have. Add to that an Inhuman villain who will become more prominent and future issues, and you have a storyline that could be very, very exciting in future weeks.


Speaking of Inhumans (it’s as if I planned this), the main character of this new title, an inhuman who ‘sees the flaw in all things’, is certainly an intriguing character. He is not a sympathetic protagonist in the usual sense; he is cold and aloof. Apparently working with SHIELD, Karnak’s true motives are never really clear, but it seems he’s on the side of humanity for now. Karnak is one of those Marvel characters who has the potential to be really, really interesting. I can’t help but think about such varied characters as the early Tony Stark, who battled with alcoholism, Deadpool who fights anyone and everyone, and Flash Thompson’s Venom, who was forever trying to keep the beast in check. I’m not saying that Karnak is going to reach those heights, but what I am saying is that he’s not your straight up cleaner than clean hero. There’s a bit of grit there, a bit of uncertainty, and I look forward to seeing what Warren Ellis et al. are going to serve up in the future issues.

Invincible Iron Man

Now we come to my hands-down favourite of the new comics I’ve read. After the storming success of Superior Iron Man from between Axis and Secret War, I was very excited to see where Brian Michael Bendis would take the character next. He, Marquez and Ponsor have created a visually stunning, highly entertaining story line that brings Tony Stark’s brilliance, charm, and, surprisingly, vulnerability to the fore. I’m three issues in and hungry for more; this is what Marvel comics should be about. Twists, turns, a bit of grit, humour and bags of entertainment are all found in the pages of these issues as Tony receives help from an unlikely source in tracking down Madame Masque, who seems to be on the trail of some multiversal items of power. Of all the comics I’ve read from the new stuff, this is the one I most highly recommend to any fans of the comics or movies.

What else am I looking forward to?

As I said, I’m going to pick up All New, All Different Avengers when it comes out, and I’ve also subscribed to Squadron Supreme (Marvel’s take on DC’s classic Justice League) to see what that’s like. I’d also recommend trying:

  • All-New Inhumans (issue 1 – 2/12/15)
  • Scarlet Witch (issue 1 – 9/2/15)
  • Captain Marvel (issue 1 – 20/1/16)
  • Silver Surfer (issue 1 – 13/1/16)
  • Honourable mention: Totally Awesome Hulk (2/12/15) – could be good, could be awful.

Have you read any of the new stuff? Let me know what you think, or ask any questions down in the comments!

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