Do I Have to Go to Church?

A succinct and encouraging post on why church is so important.

Jenny Cupido


We can easily forget the purpose of church when there is so many people there.  The church belongs to Christ.  It was created by him to fulfil his purpose and will on the earth.  We as believers are all part of it whether we attend a church service or not.  But if we miss showing up to church we’re robbing ourselves and others of God’s blessing.  Your pastor needs you, your home group leader needs you, the children need you, the parents need you, the person on your left and your right need you there – but most importantly God needs you at church.

Your simple smile and ‘hello’ can make a persons day.  Your shared experience could bring hope to someone and your prayers could bring healing and freedom to others.  A church scattered is of little use but a church united is a powerful force.  We need to be…

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