As someone who doesn’t have any scientific qualifications past GCSE, I’ve come to realise that I don’t really have any right to talk about science debates. I wasn’t aware that this conference even existed, and this post is just some information that some people may find interesting.


icc2013Every five years or so, the top young-Earth creationist scientists gather in Pittsburgh for the International Conference on Creationism. From what I understand, this is quite different from your typical Answers in Genesis or Institute for Creation Research seminars that are presented for the general public at local churches. Instead, this will be the YEC researchers talking to each other at a technical level.

The topics for this summer’s meeting have been posted, and here are a few that caught my eye, mostly those relating to geology:

  • Genesis, Biblical Authority & the Age of the Earth — Ken Ham
  • The South Fork and Heart Mountain faults: Examples of Late Flood, Gravity-driven “Overthrust” — Timothy Clarey
  • A Reconstruction of the Physical Geography of the Early Earth — Stan Udd
  • Geomorphologym [sic] The Flood/Post-flood Boundary and the Potential [sic] — John Whitmore
  • Numerical Simulations of Ice Age Precipitation and Hypercyclones Using…

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