The Irony of our Culture

It’s ironic that a culture of ‘individuality’

Is in favour of such conformity.

If you challenge the paradigms

And ruin the accepted designs

Then you make yourself laughing stock,

A thing that they can hate and mock,

All for crossing their accepted lines.

Maybe we’ve known it all along,

That we’ve got everything so wrong.

Open your eyes and see

That what you despise is beauty,

The beauty of anticonformity

And the right to be me;

I hope you’re starting to see.

Maybe the clothes I wear aren’t uniform,

And maybe the music I listen to isn’t the norm,

Maybe my opinions aren’t what you think,

Maybe I don’t drown myself in drink,

Maybe I talk funny,

Maybe I’m not rolling in money,

Maybe I dare to be distinct.

This was never about me,

Or my history,

It was never about you,

Or the things that you do,

It’s about daring to see the appeal

Of things that are really real

And discarding the fear of the new.

I dare you to step out of your comfort zone

And leave your prejudices at home,

Strip your eyes free

Of the blinkers of ‘individuality’

And start to accept others

As your sisters and brothers.

I dare you to say, “I am me.”

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  1. Moses says:

    this is fuckin dumb

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