A Quick Word on the Equal Marriage Bill

This short post is not for me to take sides in the debate. As a Christian, I don’t know enough about all the theories of what the Bible actually says to feel confident enough to take a stand and as a person, the bill does not affect me so I do not want to get involved in a debate that I am not qualified in any way to be involved in. This post is a quick way for me to express my frustration with the attitudes of people on BOTH SIDES of the debate. Let me make this clear: I would be willing to bet that most people on BOTH SIDES are decent people with no personal vendetta against people on the opposite side of the debate. Despite this, I have seen more than one person make out that everyone for/against the bill is evil, bigoted, stupid etc. Why do some people, and I know that it is only a few, think that they have the right to insult people that they have never met because of their personal views? I’m all for intelligent, reasoned, thought out debate, but an insult match is pointless. Has everyone considered that people against the bill might just be trying to do what they feel is right? Has everyone considered that people for the bill might just be trying to do what they feel is right? Whenever the issue appears on the 5 Live breakfast show that I listen to, the presenters are always incredulous that any good person could be against gay marriage. Conversely, you only have to look at Westboro Baptist Church to see the abuse that some gay people get. Both examples are wrong.

As a final point, I do believe that there is a right and a wrong in this issue, but I don’t claim to know what that is. I don’t think any human actually knows without a doubt what that is. So let’s remember that we’re all one race and stop treating each other like enemies.

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