Why I love Christianity

A lot of my posts are designed to be explanations of various things in Christianity, or criticisms of various things, or the debunking of misconceptions, that sort of thing. They’re not always the happiest things to write, if that makes sense. Therefore, today I have decided to write about what I love about my faith and my God. This will not be and exhaustive list, but I want to give people an idea about all the positives that I see in Christianity.

1) God is powerful – It doesn’t take much reading of the Bible to learn that God’s power is awe-inspiring. It’s very hard to put into words. Genesis 1 is quite a short chapter, but when you think about what it’s saying, it’s amazing! The Bible says that God created the heavens and the earth and the Psalmist tells of him breathing out the stars. God is big. But it’s not just the power in the past that’s so awesome; it’s the power of the present and of the future. Many Christians have incredible testimonies of how God reached into their lives and sorted them out, whatever that may entail, but every Christian can have a great hope for the future. We have the hope that Jesus will return at the head of an army of saints (I use this term for all Christians) and angels to bring about the final justice that has always been promised. My God is an awesome God.

2) God cares – The emotional side of Christianity can be mind-blowing; there is no concept that I’m aware of more mind-blowing than God taking on human form and dying for us. I’ve read a description of crucifixion and been left feeling sick, it’s not a nice way to die. But wow, the fact that God would suffer for us is just…wow. We are so undeserving of it, but it’s already happened, we can’t prevent it, so we’re left with a choice with how to respond to such a death, accept it or reject it. Speaking as someone who has accepted it, my mind goes into meltdown whenever I try and comprehend what Jesus must have felt on that cross. You can probably tell this by my very disjointed typing.

3) A body of believers – Denominations in the church are frustrating but they’re there. It would be fantastic if there had never been a split in the first church, but that’s just wishful thinking. But you know what, our central beliefs are bigger than denominations. We are part of a body of Christ and that’s pretty cool. It means that as Christians, we are not alone. We have God with us, but we also have Christians around us. I know I’m blessed to live in a country with freedom of religion and that means that it’s fine for me to be a practising Christian and for that I do thank God. Christians living in the UK or the US or any other free countries should use the network of support that’s around them by virtue of being a Christian and we should also do everything we can to help those who are not free to express their faith, though I know that a lot of work is already being done. But we are not alone, and that’s pretty cool.

4) The art of Christianity – This is something that may not apply to all Christians, but it applies to me and to my experience of faith. Christianity lends itself very well to expression through all forms of art. I’m biased, I know, but Christian music (rock especially) can be seriously good. Furthermore, the wealth of literature that has come from a Christian tradition cannot be ignored. Paradise Lost and Beowulf both have elements of Christianity in them, not to mention the wealth of modern literature. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis are both well known for infusing their work with their faith and both are heroes to me, as an aspiring writer. I’m not an expert in painting or sculpture or anything, but there’s a lot of Christian influence in them, I’ve seen the evidence for myself. For someone like me, Christianity’s presence in the arts is a very good thing and something which I hope will not change for a very long time.

5) Wide-ranging faith – Christianity spreads across generations, genders, cultures and eras. It has survived for 2000 years and spread to all but the farthest reaches of the globe. I’ve been to Papua New Guinea and South Africa and seen the work of Christians over there as well as reading about work in the Middle East, other parts of Asia and of course the historical accounts around Europe. I love that it’s a faith that has been embraced so widely and it automatically connects me as a UK Christian to all these other places round the globe. I’ve been made contact with various people from around the world through Twitter simply because of a shared faith, it’s just awesome! In my mind, Christianity’s applicability to everyone is evidence for it being the true word of the God who made everyone, but I don’t want to go into that now. It’s enough for me to say that I love being a part of a global movement, headed by God Most High.

There you have 5 things that I love about Christianity. I’ve been honest and I hope I haven’t got bogged down in technicalities! The whole idea was to step away from the more analytical, critical side of blogging and spend a few minutes being wholly positive. I have to say, it was very much enjoyable.

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